Tourney thoughts

Tourney thoughts

Postby Chris Larson on Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:16 pm

Here it is for D2 based solely on poll position
#1 Dayton CCLA vs. #16 LSA AQ LSA
#2 North Dakota State UMLC vs. #15 WCLL AQ WCLL
#3 St. Johns UMLC vs. #14 Northern Colorado RMLC
#4 St. Thomas UMLC vs. #13 Missouri Valley GRLC
#5 Grand Valley State CCLA vs. #12 U.S. Coast Guard PCLL
#6 Grove City CCLA vs. #11 Concordia SLC
#7 Western Oregon PNCLL vs. #10 Indiana Tech CCLA
#8 Florida Gulf Coast SELC vs. #9 Elon SELC

Last out:
11 Cal State Fullerton WCLL
12 Palm Beach Atlantic SELC
13 Lourdes CCLA

Could see some swapping in/out based on CCLA/SELC tourney and swapping of seeds based on UMLC/CCLA tourney
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