From Hillcrest Goalie to Team Canada

From Hillcrest Goalie to Team Canada

Postby shrekjr on Fri Jul 11, 2008 5:57 pm

Diminutive Team Canada goalie Remington Steele, who stands at 5-4, and weighs in at 138 pounds, was a veritable giant in the Canadian cage.

"He did a nice job," said Gait of the Steele. "He made some point blank saves and those are real energizers."

Steele made 15 saves, some of them of the spectacular variety, to help his team in the win.

"He's got the heart of a big guy and I think that's what you need is someone to stand in there," said Gait.

Steele, whose parents never saw the 1980s television show that bears his name, lives in Texas but has Canadian ties and holds dual citizenship.

"Our defence played really well and didn't give up any shots and I was seeing the ball off the stick really well," said Steele.

Steele praised the skilled play of a hard-playing Iroquois team, which boasts six Canadian players.

"They were really tricky because they have Canadians and Americans on their team so they have a hybrid style, so they are tough," said Steele.

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