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Aaron Loy Contracts Meningitis

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:06 am
by LaxTV_Admin
We initially posted this in the UCSB forum, but instead of clouding their season forum with information about Aaron we wanted to create it's own topic.

Here is Aaron's Story -

Aaron was rushed to the hospital today by his friends and has been treated for meningococcus, a bacterium that causes meningitis. Thank goodness his friends were so on the ball because the disease progressed very quickly. He has severe sepsis, blood poisoning, which is a effect of the bacteria. His blood is very thin although his circulation is poor which is causing less blood to flow to his feet and hands. His kidneys are not working very well, and he may need dialysis as the night progresses.

Currently, the doctors and nurses at Cottage are taking very good care of him, but they are looking for relatively rare treatments by calling all the hospitals in So. Cal. We are hoping that one of them will improve his circulation and get the blood flowing to his limbs!

We have put work on hold and will stay in Santa Barbara as long as necessary. Betsy and Dave are helping out by hanging out at the hospital with us, asking intelligent questions, and providing lots of moral support. We want all our family and friends to know how much we appreciate and value all your expressions of love and caring. It's hard to reach out to each of you individually right now as we are so overwhelmed by the events of the day, but we will over the next few days. Please tell anyone who wants to know how Aaron is doing to check this site.

You can follow the story here -

Re: Aaron Loy Contracts Meningitis

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:06 am
by LaxTV_Admin
Here is how you can help out this holiday season

With the growing nationwide media coverage of Aaron's tragic neisseria meningitidis illness, numerous people and organizations have contacted us asking how they can contribute towards Aaron Loy's unreimbursed medical costs, specialized equipment needs and future athletic prosthetics.

Two funds have been established to provide financial assistance to Aaron's recovery.

HelpHopeLive - In Honor of Aaron Loy
(Tax Deductible)

Aaron Loy Recovery Fund
(Gift / Non Tax Deductible)
Pacific Premier Bank
781 Garden View Court, Suite 100
Encinitas, CA 92024

If you have any questions regarding these funds or other fund raising activities...please contact
Kimberly Renna -
Kim Harvey -

Re: Aaron Loy Contracts Meningitis

PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:55 pm
by LaxTV_Admin
Aaron has been making considerable progress. Here is the latest

Had the privilege of camping out with Aaron last night at UCSD (hospital) as he recovers from the post-surgical pain from Monday's procedures. While he is in considerable discomfort, Aaron qualities still shine bright.

We reflected back on all those memorable father/son Y-Indian Guide (Puma Tribe) camping events we enjoyed together. Great memories!

Despite still being heavily bandaged, Aaron proudly demonstrated his latest advancement. After multiple therapy sessions...and numerous "sets" by himself, he showed me that he could move all ten fingers. Major accomplishment...recognizing the brutality of the disease. Hopefully his pain subsides over the coming days. While its still very much a roller-coster...Aaron continues to get stronger each day. He's Staying Loy Strong! ... 994bc89d2d

Re: Aaron Loy Contracts Meningitis

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:36 am
by LaxTV_Admin
Aaron continues the road back, though all of your support is still needed!

Surgery days are particularly tough…both for Aaron and for us (as well-wishers). Aaron’s not allowed to eat or drink anything, beginning midnight the night before. And when his surgery is scheduled for late the following afternoon, hunger and thirst add further discomfort to his anxiety of having to wait for "the call" to the OR. And then there's the dreaded post-surgical pain.

Friday’s procedures were successful as his medical team continued the lengthy task of repairing his numerous wounds and injuries. Fortunately, as painful as each procedure is...Aaron knows that each one brings him one step closer to coming home.

The encouraging results of Friday's surgery, coupled with minimal post-surgical pain, brought a positive end to a very difficult week. Aaron’s spirits are on the up-tick. Perhaps due to the trio of Coach Allan (his UCSB lacrosse coach) coming to visit, his sister Lindsey returning from college, and his close friend stopping by prior to today’s surgery. Maybe it was the Tibetan prayer flags given by a family friend. Perhaps the Chargers' victory on Thursday night played a part. What ever the was a Great Friday the 13th.

Thanks again for everyone’s generous donations to Aaron via

Your generosity will help Aaron when he leaves the hospital and begins his long journey of rehabilitation and then back to his pursuits at UCSB.

Re: Aaron Loy Contracts Meningitis

PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:04 pm
by LaxTV_Admin
Help support Aaron by playing in a tournament for his benefit. Find out more information here -