Sonoma State 9, CSU 8 FINAL (@ UCSD)

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Postby Andy Sharp on Sat Mar 15, 2008 7:01 pm

We now have the official CSU press release posted, hopefully that will clear up any confusion. ... aState.htm

We also have a set of pictures posted, another batch or two in the future as well: ... aState_AS/

Not to suggest one call/shot would have made the difference, Flip's a true believer in that, but here is a nice photo of a what if moment late in the 4th as this shot was called a crease violation:
After the ball went in a ref came in pointing at the line making the call. While I did not have a good view of the faded blue crease (I am the one behind the pipe), looking back it was funny, cause I was sitting next to a notable retired ref who commented: "now that's how you sell a call".

Great timing by Bruce to get this moment in time. You can see all his pictures at: ... aState_BB/
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