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Sign up for a CollegeLAX Premium Membership Today!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2005 11:04 am
by Sonny

Enjoying the new web site?

CollegeLAX has established a goal of raising $2000 for audio/radio gear for the upcoming MCLA season. During the season, the gear will be used in the production of the IN THE CREASE podcasts. The gear will also be used at the 2007 MCLA National Championship Tournament to broadcast live selected games from Dallas.

Here is a partial list of the radio gear items needed by CollegeLAX:

USB Mixer - $150
Condensor Microphone - $90
Scissor Mic Stand - $50
Headphones - $30
Micrphone Pop Shield - $20
USB Pre-Amp Audio Interface - $150
IRiver MP3 Recorder - $80
Headset Microphones (3 @ $250 each) - $750
Assorted Misc. Cables - $40
Adobe Audition (software) - $350
Transport Cases for shipping equipment - $200
Shipping costs to Dallas - $90
TOTAL - $2000

As of May 10, 2007 - we have only approx. 45% of that $2,000 figure through annual CollegeLAX premium memberships. I hope you will consider purchasing a premium membership today to support CollegeLAX!

(NOTE: If you do not have a message board account, you can still donate to CollegeLAX as outlinted below.)

Benefits of Premium Membership include:

1. Access to view and post to the CollegeLAX PREMIUM message board. Questions/topics raised in this private forum will receive priority attention from web site administrators, selected members of the current MCLA leadership, & other invited CollegeLAX guests.

Note: This does not mean that non-premium members will be ignored or silenced on the message forums. It only means that Premium Members' posts in the Premium Forum will be READ and CONSIDERED first. This also applies to Message Board suggestions and/or Web Site improvements. Suggestions from those who are financially supporting the site will receive greater consideration then those who are not.

2. Breaking news items, interest stories, or lacrosse photo albums may appear first in this private forum for a short period of time before becoming publicly available to other (non-premium) visitors of the site.

3. An exclusive Premium Logo will appear below your username to signify your support of CollegeLAX as follows:

4. The option to pick your own Custom Title, if you so choose. You won't have to be a Water Boy, Recruit, or Rookie any longer! You can call yourself whatever you want (within reason). :P

5. And the most important benefit of all -- You can feel really good about helping CollegeLAX maintain its service and expand the site further.

An individual Premium Membership is only $20 for 2007. Less then two dollars per month to support your favorite lacrosse web site on the 'Net.

Please note that the Premium Membership is priced annually on a per-user account basis. When your premium membership expires at the end of each calendar year, your account will be reverted to normal status, until (and if) you upgrade it to premium status again.

To sign up for a Premium Membership, please use the PayPal service. Initiate a new $20.00 (minimum) payment via PayPal to the following e-mail address:

When "checking out" of PayPal -- Be sure to indicate in the PayPal comment field which Message Board User Name/Account the Premium Membership is for.

For more info on the free PayPal service which allows you to make bank account or credit card payments via e-mail, click here:

Note: If you do not wish to use PayPal, you can mail me a check or money order. Please send me a PM for details on this payment option.

As always, thanks for your support! Please let me know if you have any questions.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 12:12 pm
by Sonny
Act now. Special limited time offer for the month of April only.

Buy a 2007 CollegeLAX premium membership and get one free CollegeLAX koozie! Indicate your mailing address when you check out and you will be sent one free CollegeLAX Koozie. Thanks for supporting CollegeLAX!