My email is banned! How do I register for the board?

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My email is banned! How do I register for the board?

Postby Sonny on Tue Jan 25, 2005 3:39 pm

Some folks trying to register for a new message board account are getting a message that states their email is banned.

Please review the Message Board Rules:
Registration is not required to read any of the messages on the various forums. However an approved CollegeLAX message board account is required to post a new thread or respond to an existing thread. To register with the CollegeLAX message board account, you must use and maintain a valid, up-to-date commercial or school based email address. (i.e. One cannot use a free email accounts such as Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail to register for a message board account.)

You aren't necessarily banned... just blocked from registering that email account for a new CollegeLAX message board account. Therefore one needs to use an appropriate email address or you won't be able to register for a CollegeLAX message board account.
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