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Postby lgriemsman on Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:21 am

The amount of stick checks I am seeing seems like a lot. I am wondering if it is because it is so new to those heavily involved in the game. Think about how much you do or have done over the years with lacrosse. You are so hypersensitive to the nuances of the game. Now picture the average fan watching from home... commercials, Quint and others with stats, interviews, and specials. Even those who attend the game are probably seeing this as normal, the refs are getting good and fast and making it blend (somewhat) into the game. I could be wrong, maybe the average fan is being put off by these pauses in the flow.

I am pretty sure I heard that the challenge was an NFHS rule put in at the high school coaches request. Why would they want this rule and the college coaches not care? I would imagine from my experiences in Michigan secondary officiating that sometimes and in some places we may have a second year official referee and a first year umpire. I know I did not know the rules better than most of the coaches in my second year. The college level, for the most part, is going to get the officials who have built a consistent reputation for knowing the majority of the rules that could piss of a coach if not applied correctly. They usually look pretty doing it too.
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Postby Sonny on Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:41 am

1. MCLA games use NCAA rules (not NFHS rules). Under NCAA rules, there is no double-horn available to discuss misapplication of game rules.

2. MCLA (and NCAA) games use USL COC mechanics. Just like last season, we are suppose to do 6 minimum stick checks throughout the game at random points this year at all games. This certainly isn't a new thing for 2008.

The coaches on the NCAA rules committee wanted these random stick checks implemented to try and get the illegal sticks out of the games. The referees certainly didn't propose this and most of the ones I've talked to don't like doing all these stick checks.
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