Groundballs and touching box

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Groundballs and touching box

Postby nhoskins on Thu Mar 20, 2008 1:40 pm

Okay, two situations:

A) Player A is outside the box with the ball, and the official is almost finished with the ten count. Player B knocks the ball loose from Player A's stick and the ball rolls into the box. Does this count as Player A touching the box?

If the above play does count as touching the box, then:

B) Player A1 is outside the box and passes the ball across the field. It bounces and rolls inside the box but player A2 picks the ball up after it has rolled outside the box. Did team A touch box?
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Postby laxfan25 on Thu Mar 20, 2008 1:52 pm

As long as the ball touches inside the box or on the line - the 10 second count is over, no matter how it got there. so thank Player B for helping out.

In situation B, the count ends when the ball touches in the box, and a new 10 count would begin as soon as the ball rolls back out of the box (this is the new NCAA rule this year). In NFHS, the count would begin when A2 picks up the ball outside the box.

So you could do a bounce pass between A1 and A2 if the ball hits in the box and they were standing outside. But, if A1 passes to A2 and they are both outside the box, even if the ball travels through the air space over the box the original 10 count is still on.
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