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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 4:59 pm
by beckner11
LaxRef wrote:
beckner11 wrote:Well this took place in the GRLC (MCLA) so it works with NCAA... not complaining cause I can now say that I've seen something that only about 30 other people will see for a long time (assuming referees are better trained now)

Well, you still see this in HS. I haven't had it this year, but last year or the year before we had a team down 5 men: a goalie and one defender in the defensive end, plus 3 attackmen.

Well in Missouri high schools play by NCAA rules, so I guess by saying people will never see it for a long time I was referring to in my neck of the woods! But you are correct, if I venture to the surrounding states I may see this take place, but I sure hope not!!!