Warrantee dropping on Jan 1

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Postby laxdefenseman4 on Thu May 10, 2007 1:48 pm

actually i don't believe they do. I have many friends who live by the Warrior factory in Michigan and in high school many would go to the factory, hop the fence in the back, and go through the dumpster where they would find tons and tons of bent shafts, broken heads, damaged gloves, etc. Those that were salvageable (d shafts that were bent at the top, heads with a small crack that didn't completely destroy the stick, etc.) they took home and cut down or just glued or whatever. That is until Warrior found out and started catching the people. However, one of my friends who went got caught and ended up playing catch with one of the Powell brothers while they were still working for them. anyways, things may have changed since then but i think they might just throw them away...
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