Talon Lacrosse introduces high-tech wooden shafts

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Talon Lacrosse introduces high-tech wooden shafts

Postby Sonny on Sun Aug 06, 2006 8:49 am

August 04, 2006
from press releases

San Francisco, CA - Talon Lacrosse is a new company that is dedicated to teaching, honoring and preserving the traditions and culture of lacrosse by manufacturing traditional lacrosse equipment with high-tech performance qualities.

Talon’s first product is a high-tech wood lacrosse shaft made from a wood veneer exterior with a composite core of fiberglass. The first two shafts, called the Spirit and Legend, are designed to combine the warmth and aesthetic appeal of traditional wood with the strength and lightweight performance benefits of today’s high-tech materials.

“We at Talon are more excited than ever about the sport of lacrosse. Its rapid growth presents many opportunities for young players to get involved in the game, but also presents many challenges to ensure that the traditions and culture of the sport are preserved. We have developed a unique product that we believe represents the integrity, honor, tradition and culture of lacrosse, yet has all of the benefits of modern technology that today’s shafts have to offer,” says Talon’s President, Doug Appleton.

“We feel that today’s new equipment has changed the game dramatically. In many respects, the equipment modifications have had a positive impact on the game, but the emphasis on high-tech products seems to have shifted the attention (of players new to the game) away from a true understanding of the sport's traditions and culture,” adds Talon’s Vice President, Cort Kim.

As Creative Director for Talon, Blake Kim explains that the growth of lacrosse, particularly in areas new to the sport, has inspired the company to educate youth players, parents and coaches through products that stay true to the roots of the game. Talon shafts are used both as a teaching tool and as high-performance lacrosse shafts, ready to meet the demands of the modern game of lacrosse.

About Talon Lacrosse
Founded in 2005 by Doug Appleton, Cort Kim and Blake Kim, Talon Lacrosse, LLC (http://www.talonlacrosse.com) manufactures traditional lacrosse equipment with high-tech performance qualities.
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