Spring Break Games March 6-14 in the LSA?

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Spring Break Games March 6-14 in the LSA?

Postby nwcgoalie33 on Sun Jul 17, 2005 4:21 pm

I know this is a little early....actually a lot early. My name is Ben Crabtree and I play for Northwestern College in Iowa. Our school likes to hold our spring break during the beginning of March. This is problem because our season is interrupted by spring break and consequently we lose about 2 weeks from our season. Our school also happens to be a Christian school, so we were thinking about taking a missions trip to Texas and hopefully play some games. We picked Texas, because we have heard good things about the LSA and we know there are some quality teams in the conference. We are a division B team and would like to play other division B teams to get our OOC games taken care of. We would like to play maybe 2-3 games and we are hoping to get something set up with habitat for humanity or something like that in the Dallas or San Antonio areas. If any team would like play us or if anyone knows of a mission/shelter/whatever we could work at, please let me know so as we could get something set up ahead of time and maybe try to make this trip of ours work. I have somewhat been delegated to get things in motion & set up for the trip. I can be contacted by email & cell phone below. Thanks for your help.

Ben Crabtree
Northwestern College (IA)
402-631-9420--cell (leave a message)
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