Nebraska Fall Tournament: Huskers Helping Huskers

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Nebraska Fall Tournament: Huskers Helping Huskers

Postby LaxUNL27 on Mon Apr 21, 2008 12:22 pm

Dear Fellow Lacrosse Addicts,

Another great season is coming to the end, and for all the teams who were not fortunate enough to make it to the post season, the only thing that is running through their mind is the upcoming summer ball, then fall ball.

From the season of 2006, Nebraska has made drastic turn around to their program. With a record of 1-13 in 2006, the 2007 freshman class brought in a lot of talent. The 2007 season was the turn around year for the Nebraska lacrosse program. Going 7-6 in the B Division, Nebraska, for the first time in the program's existence, had a winning record. The 2008 season brought in another talented freshman class. Playing a more difficult schedule due to the new arranged GRLC Conference, Nebraska finished the season with a 6-11 record. Although the record doesn't show it, just about every team they played could contest for me when I say that there has been yet another drastic turn around on the team's efforts and organization. The years ahead are only looking more promising for the Nebraska Lacrosse Program.

One advantage that the University of Nebraska - Lincoln's Men's Lacrosse team does have is their state of the art facilities. With access to 3 different full turf fields, one of which is indoors, and many other grass fields, Nebraska has been able to take full advantage of these opportunities that are naturally brought to them due to the University's passion for sports.

With that said, the fall is just around the corner (hopefully not too close because I need some warm weather first!). Just as last year Nebraska will be hosting another fall tournament that will benefit a family associated with the University.

Last year the tournament was held to benefit the family of a young girl who had been hit by a car while crossing the street to her school in Lincoln. Roughly 1,000 dollars were raised to help pay off medical bills for the girl.

This spring was a pretty difficult time for the UNL Men's Lacrosse team. During a school sponsored Biology Spring Break trip to Puerto Rico, a team mate suddenly collapsed and died on the beach. The death was sudden and unexpected, the cause still has not been released.
Brian was an amazing person, friend, team mate, brother, uncle, son, student, etc. He had a passion for bugs. He was a biology major who made the Dean's list every semester during his short time here at UNL (was a sophomore). Brian will be greatly missed.

Just prior to this freak incident, Brian's father had undergone Triple Bypass Surgery the family is still paying off. One of many articles posted on the facebook group "Rest in Peace Brian Smith" is linked below.

With all that said, this upcoming fall's tournament is being hosted to benefit Brian's Family. We hope to raise money for his family to help pay off his father's surgery and any other financial purposes they need it for.

The Tournament:

When: October 10-12th, 2008

Where: University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Who: Anyone interested - We have mentioned the tournament to everyone we have played this year. Many of the teams have shown interest. I will keep you guys updated on what teams confirm with me. We are hoping to get at least 8 teams, with a top out of 12.

How: As stated before, we have 3 full athletic turf fields (one inside. Possibly two if we get REALLY lucky and the football team allows the use of their's....not likely) and many other grass fields throughout our campus.

Additional information

Tournament Entrance Fee: We are requesting only 300 dollars for a great weekend of lacrosse. 150 dollars is asked to be paid by check before the date of September 12th, 2008 just so we have a down payment and teams do not just not show up. The addition 150 dollars is just asked to be paid upon arrival here in Lincoln.

Games: Games are being ref-ed by volunteered officials from all over. Each team is guranteed at least three games. The more teams we can get to come, the more games will be able to be played.

By now you are all probably sick of reading over me blab on and on so I will open this up to the rest of you.

If anyone is interested or has any questions please contact me:

Email -
Phone Number - 708-431-2544

Thanks so much and hope to hear from some of you. It should be a great weekend of lacrosse.

Chris Mack
University of Men's Lacrosse - Attack #27
Team Captain and Executive Board Member
Chris Mack
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Attack # 27
Team Executive Board Member/Captain
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