Willamette University (PNCLL D2, Salem, OR) OOC games 2009

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Willamette University (PNCLL D2, Salem, OR) OOC games 2009

Postby TheBearcatHimself on Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:24 pm

Willamette University Lacrosse, located in Salem, Oregon, 40 miles south of Portland, is looking to host OOC games in 2009 for interested D2 teams. Our campus is located in the heart of downtown Salem and is 5 minutes from Interstate 5, the major North/South thoroughfare to and from Portland.

Advantages to playing us and other teams here:

1) We have a brand new, state-of-the-art field turf soccer field that we line to the exact specifications for a true lacrosse field.

2) This field has lights so that we can also host night games during the week if you come during your spring break.

3) There are several D2 teams within very close proximity that would love to come play you on our field: Western Oregon, Southern Oregon, Lewis and Clark, Portland State (pending admission to league in '09), and more in the Tacoma, WA area that may also be interested (PLU and UPS).

4) Ease of cost: Our city is cheap compared to Portland and other large cities, Motel 6 rooms run at 39.99 a night during the week and 45.99 on weekends this year. We also have plenty of great local restaurants within a block of our field to feed you! No joke, there is a brewery restaurant that is within 100 feet of our field! We hit it with shots sometime...

If you are interested in coming to the Great Northwest for some quality OOC lacrosse games please give me a call or shoot me a PM or email!! I can help you set up the trip and connect with other coaches in our league as well. You can't schedule next season too soon!

My contact info:
Cell #: 503.887.5453
Email: wpatton AT willamette.edu

Team President Pete Stonebraker:
Cell #: 415.250.9997
Email: pstonebr AT willamette.edu
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