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The 2006 National Lacrosse League Entry Draft is now complete. San Jose selected Ryan Benesch of Kitchener, Ontario, with the first overall selection, and Kyle Sorensen of Bellarmine University with the second overall selection. The Buffalo Bandits picked up Syracuse product Brett Bucktooth with the third pick, and Philadelphia used the fourth overall pick to select University of Denver's Geoff Snider. The draft was held at the Theater Lobby at Madison Square Garden.

The Wings also grabbed Hofstra's Athan Ianucci, who was declared eligible for the draft earlier this week. Other notable first round selections include Brown University's Kyle Wailes, by Calgary at #9 overall, Jack Reid of UMass by Rochester at #10, and UMBC's Brendan Mundorf at #11 by New York.

Complete results of the Entry Draft are available below...



1. San Jose (from New York) - Ryan Benesch (Kitchener, ON)
2. San Jose (from Chicago) - Kyle Sorensen (Bellarmine University)
3. Buffalo (from Edmonton) - Brett Bucktooth (Syracuse University)
4. Philadelphia (from San Jose) - Geoff Snider (University of Denver)
5. Philadelphia - Ian Llord (St. Catharines, ON)
6. Arizona (from Min. via Arz. via Buf.) - Mike Grimes (Peterborough, ON)
7. San Jose (from Tor. via Cgy. via Arz.) - Paul Dawson (Brampton, ON)
8. Philadelphia (from Arizona) - Athan Ianucci (Hofstra University)
9. Calgary - Kyle Wailes (Brown University)
10. Rochester - Jack Reid (University of Massachusetts)
11. New York (from Portland via Minnesota) - Brendan Mundorf (UMBC)
12. Chicago (from Buffalo via Edmonton) - Josh Wasson (University of Hartford)
13. Colorado - Gary Bining (Ohio State University)


14. Calgary (from Chicago) - Luke Hinton (Victoria, BC)
15. Toronto (from Edmonton) - Mike MacLeod (Orangeville, ON)
16. San Jose - Wes Green (Adelphi University)
17. Chicago (from Phi. via Min. via Cgy.) - Jackson Gair (Orillia, ON)
18. Buffalo (from Min. via San Jose) - Joe Walters (University of Maryland)
19. Toronto (from Toronto via Minnesota) - Jeff Gilbert (Robert Morris)
20. Portland (from Arizona via Rochester) - Matt Holman (University of Hartford)
21. Portland (from Calgary via Philadelphia) - Ian Crashley (Whitby, ON)
22. Rochester - Ashton McLean (Elmira College)
23. Arizona - (from Por. via Cal. via Min.) - Brandon Atherton (Victoria, BC)
24. Buffalo - Jay Thorimbert (Niagara, ON)
25. Colorado - Jamie Shewchuk (Burnaby, BC)


26. New York - Garret Kikot (Bellarmine University)
27. Chicago - Mike Kirk (Dickinson College)
28. Edmonton - Kurtis Wagar (St. Catharines, ON)
29. Portland (from San Jose via Cgy.) - Greg Peyser (Johns Hopkins University)
30. Minnesota (from Philadelphia via Buffalo) - Tyler Haas (Victoria, BC)
31. Minnesota - Kevin Crosswell (Port Coquitlam, BC)
32. New York (from Toronto via Minnesota) - Matt Zash (Duke University)
33. Arizona - Matt Ward (University of Virginia)
34. Colorado (from Calgary via Arizona) - Matt Poskay (University of Virginia)
35. Toronto (from Rochester) - Matt Carroll (Whitby, ON)
36. Portland - D.J. Driscoll (University of Notre Dame)
37. Buffalo - Brendon Thenhaus (Oakville, ON)
38. Rochester (from Colorado) - Matt Currie (Peterborough, ON)


39. New York - John Orsen (Hofstra University)
40. Chicago - Shane Sargent (Whitby, ON)
41. Chicago (from Edmonton via Calgary) - Bill McGlone (University of Maryland)
42. San Jose - Brad Trottier (Barrie, ON)
43. Philadelphia - Kyle Dixon (University of Virginia)
44. Minnesota - Kevin Milkowski (Victoria, BC)
45. Toronto - Bryan Riddell (Barrie, ON)
46. Edmonton (from Arizona) - Cory Melville (Burnaby, BC)
47. Buffalo (from Calgary) - Brent Miller (Niagara, ON)
48. Rochester - Greg Gurenlian (Penn State University)
49. Portland - Jake Deane (University of Massachusetts)
50. Buffalo - Nolan Godfrey (Merrimack College)
51. Colorado - Curtis Morwick (Victoria, BC)


52. New York - Joe Boulukos (Cornell University)
53. Chicago - Cody Jacobs (Six Nations, ON)
54. Edmonton - Kris Hartzell (St. Andrew's College)
55. San Jose - Joe Vasold (New York Tech)
56. Philadelphia - Pat Walsh (University of Notre Dame)
57. Minnesota - Andrew Witt (New Westminster, BC)
58. Toronto - Joe Hall (Ottawa, ON)
59. Arizona - Ron Schbild (Burnaby, BC)
60. Calgary - Jordan Sealock (Calgary, AB)
61. Rochester - Cory Vitarelli (Peterborough, ON)
62. Portland - Matt Savoie (Whitby, ON)
63. Minnesota (from Buffalo) - Dave Ellis (Six Nations, ON)
64. Colorado - Casey Cittadino (Towson University)


65. New York - Chris Unterstein (Hofstra University)
66. Chicago - Eric Martin (Kitchener, ON)
67. Rochester (from Edmonton) - David Lomas (Six Nations, ON)
68. San Jose - Steve Holmes (University of Virginia)
69. Philadelphia - Mike Culver (University of Virginia)
70. Minnesota - Huey Johnson (Six Nations, ON)
71. Toronto (from Toronto via Philadelphia) - Brady Campbell (Orangeville, ON)
72. Arizona - Luke Pinder (Kitchener, ON)
73. Toronto (from Calgary) - Tim Chisolm (University of Hartford)
74. Rochester - Kyle Hagel (Oakville, ON)
75. Rochester (from Portland) - Dave Thering (Rochester Institute of Technology)
76. Buffalo - Daniel Sams (Peterborough, ON)
77. Colorado - Sean Morris (University of Massachusetts)

(End of Entry Draft)


San Jose traded Derek Malawsky to Arizona, in exchange for Andrew Guindon and the sixth overall selection in the 2006 Entry Draft.

Chicago traded the 14th overall selection in the 2006 Entry Draft to Calgary in exchange for the 17th overall and 41st overall selection in the 2006 Entry Draft.

Minnesota traded the 19th overall selection in the 2006 Entry Draft, and their fourth round pick in the 2007 Entry Draft to Toronto in exchange for Nick Inch and Toronto's second round pick in the 2007 Entry Draft.

Rochester traded the 20th overall selection in the 2006 Entry Draft to Portland in exchange for Luke Forget.

Minnesota traded the 23rd overall selection in the 2006 Entry Draft to Arizona in exchange for Arizona's second round pick in the 2007 Entry Draft.

Buffalo traded the 30th overall selection in the 2006 Entry Draft to Minnesota in exchange for Minnesota's third round pick in the 2007 Entry Draft.

Buffalo traded the 63rd overall selection in the 2006 Entry Draft to Minnesota in exchange for Minnesota's fifth round pick in the 2007 Entry Draft.

Philadelphia traded the 71st overall selection in the 2006 Entry Draft to Toronto for Toronto's sixth round pick in the 2007 Entry Draft.
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