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Postby CharlotteLAX16 on Tue Apr 29, 2008 5:24 pm

westlax wrote:See from what I head SCAD only lost by 1 in OT, I could be wrong, but it would be hard for me to drop them because of that. I see them possibly losing votes and points, but not dropping.

SCAD did lose in OT to Elon. I agree that it would be difficult to drop them.

The Charlotte drop has a little to do with the loss and a little to do with big wins by other schools. #17 Northern Colorado beats #7 Ft. Lewis; it makes it hard for me not to bump them up, so there is one spot fallen. Southwestern ends up beating a 4-2 Trinity team by 17, so there is another spot. I agree that a loss to a #6 team by 2 shouldn’t drop you, but when the teams behind you have big wins its hard not to.

Again, I see your point, but why not only drop them one spot? You have UNC ahead of UVU(granted, I have no idea what their record is or recent scores) followed by Southwestern.

For Coastal Carolina, just like Charlotte, they lose to a top 10 team, I believe the team that won their conference tourney. It’s hard for me to drop them too much because of that, I still believe they are a very good team.

They did lose to Elon in the first round of the SELC Tournament. While I do think Coastal is good, I just dont think that they are worthy of a top 25 spot. I think they'll be a regular in the polls next season, though.

And last Davidson. Well I have not gotten to see them play, but it’s hard to drop a team that’s idle. It’s especially hard when one of the teams in front of you loses to an unranked team. But that’s just my thought on it.

The only big win that Davidson had was against then-#8 Charlotte 11-10. They went 1-3 against teams with winning records, and 4-0 against teams with a combined record of 7-32. That isnt a team who should be in the top 25, if you ask me.
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Postby wapiti on Tue Apr 29, 2008 8:06 pm

What is Ft. Lewis still doing in your top ten. Dont the games played count anymore........................
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