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The 2013 tournament returns to Greenville, SC this May.

Re: consolation games

Postby warri0rlax22 on Fri May 18, 2007 4:34 am

bbandlax wrote:
GeorgiaLacrosse wrote:why doesn't every team take consolation games seroiusly? teams should. Its a chance to find out how teams that never play each other match up.
In the Uga vs. Michigan game, the parents of michigan said they played their starters... besides their goalie and a faceoff man. I don't know how accurate this is. But either way teams should want to win consolation games and treat them just as any other game.
I know vs. lindenwood uga didn't start the goalie or one of the best defensemen so that seniors could play. But had we started to lose to them, we would have put those starters back in (we didn't have to).

But can someone please respond... why do teams say that they don't take these games seriously when they should. A lot of teams that aren't completely funded by their schools have their trip paid for by themselves and family members, so its a shame that the highly budgeted teams may take these games for granted.

Well to start, which teams at this tournament do you think are fully funded by their schools? Or for that matter matter half or a quarter funded by their school.

I am not sure if you are a player at UGA or a fan, but to answer your first question I don't think you have been in the position that these players and coaches are in. I have been a player and a coach when BYU lost in the quarter finals. I can not speak for other players or teams, but we have always gone to nationals with one goal in mind, and only one goal. We were not there to see how well we matched up with any other team. In fact I could not care less.

After we lost I did not want to see another game. I felt like my heart was ripped out and I was sick to my stomach. I have been at every championship tournament since the first in 97 and I have only seen 5 final games (the two BYU played in, and parts of 3 others. I could not stomach watching others play where I worked so hard to be). The only reason I ever played in the consolation games was because of family and friends who had traveled to watch us and to be on the field one more time with my teammates. I did not care at all who was on the field with us. In fact I would rather have just scrimmaged with my teammates.

I played and coached because I love the game and those who I played with, but losing in this tournament is the worst experience I have had as an athlete or a coach. Once we lost I had no desire to play the next day. If someone can play with the heart and desire to beat another team after losing at nationals then that person either has much more heart than I, or it didn't matter as much to them in the first place.

How about losing and then bieng told you have to play a LSA all star team in a scrimmage.........
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Re: consolation games

Postby Sonny on Fri May 18, 2007 8:11 am

warri0rlax22 wrote: How about losing and then bieng told you have to play a LSA all star team in a scrimmage.........

And who can UNC thank for that problem?
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Postby BB on Fri May 18, 2007 8:45 am


We'll have to agree to disagree then. The schools that do get funding are few and far between. Most of the teams have funding they have set up themselves by keeping Alumni involved, and setting up legitimate fundraisers that are utilized year in and year out. Just because a team gets fundraising does not make it a contender, if you listen some incorrectly think it does.

Often I hear people complaining that they don't get enough support and use that as a crutch to explain why they aren't good enough, or why they can't travel as much. I am simply saying that where there is a will there is a way.

So maybe a handful of teams get serious funding/support from their school. I would venture to guess 95-99% do not, including most of the teams at Nationals.

It is up to the players to secure cash... but there are ways to get money and support going. It may take a couple years in front of the adminstration, inviting them to games, fundraisers; offer to do public service for the school. That may not help immediatly but can legitimize the team for years down the road, and make the administration much more willing to listen at least.

Having no support/cash is not an excuse for anything. Teams just need to buck up and put some effort into it, and stop whinging that they get nothing, and do something about it.
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