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The 2013 tournament returns to Greenville, SC this May.

Postby Bluevelvet on Fri Feb 18, 2005 7:55 pm

Gary Robinson wrote:Is a separate thread not sufficient?
Well it gets confusing when you click on that "little piece of paper" icon from the general index. It only has the user name of the poster. It does not specify the thread. You have to open the forum to see in which thread the post has been made.
But more annoying is that A division threads are immediately taken over by B division posters eg. Mark Lea's question about whether A teams have players on their roster with no high school lacrosse experience. It becomes inundated with B division players who, of course, have alot of players with no prior experience.
With most A division players banned from the boards by their coaches, the forums are becoming B division chat rooms.
I would prefer to have separate forums for A and B divisions. Just my opinion.
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Postby Dr. Jason Stockton on Fri Feb 18, 2005 9:10 pm

In all honesty, Pinball from Minnesota. . .my thought was that we have 2 top 15 teams in the same city(PLU and UPS), and another 100 miles north(WWU), so it might allow us to pool resources to put on a top-calliber event. If UTA changed their tourney to an all-B confernence tourney, we'd be very interested in attending.(if invited)

It doesn't prevent us from putting on another event with top B-division competition. Don't worry, we plan to travel plenty to play top teams.

I certainly don't expect teams to travel to Seattle for the sunshine - maybe schools from the frozen tundra in Minnesota should not be expected to leave their 20 degree climate for our 45 degree February weather. . .

But Seattle is a short trip for WCLL teams, as well as some RMLC teams - and any other school willing to travel to play top competition.

I, like you, would also be very interested in a trip to San Diego or Malibu to play in the warm weather. . .but there are several top B teams within 1500 miles of Tacoma so we thought we'd reach out to see if there are teams interested in making the trip.

And yes, there is no at-large bids at this point in the B division. . .but if our division continues to grow and travel, it will not be long before the B division expands to 12 or 16 teams.

Pinball - if your team stays on top, you'll be getting an invitiation to enjoy our bubble turf (and some great lacrosse competition).
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