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Coach in Germany

Postby Hamburger on Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:06 pm

Kyle Hawkins, the Director of the men´s lacrosse programs in Hamburg, Germany and Amy Alvord, the Director of the women´s lacrosse programs in Hamburg, Germany are looking to fill three head lacrosse coaching positions. Two of these positions are head coaches of men´s programs and one is head coach of a women´s program. Each position is a full time job and would include additional responsibilities such as building youth programs, recruiting, management of facilities and equipment and introductory courses on lacrosse based in the Hamburg Public School system.

All coaching is in English. German language skills are not necessary, but helpful. It is expected that the successful applicant will learn rudimentary German within the first year of employment.

Each position includes the following benefits:

- All costs involved in moving, including airfare, shipping, visa, work permit, etc are fully covered.
- Salary of € 1,500 per month after taxes (€ 2,512 per month before taxes)
- Housing and utilities paid including individual apartment.
- Apartment furnished by the club
- Free health care, dental care
- Two free round trip flights home per year (Summer and December)
- 20 days of paid vacation per year
- Free German lessons
- Contracts of at least one year, with some negotiability in length
- Men´s program jobs begin August 20, 2008 or when filled.

Interviews will be conducted by phone, and then in person if qualified.

Applications (including resume and references) should be emailed to Kyle Hawkins (email below). Applications will be accepted until the positions are listed as filled on the team website (see below)

The Harvesthüder Tennis und Hockey Verein (HTHC) in Hamburg, Germany includes the Hamburg Warriors, a Lacrosse organization including Men´s, Women´s, youth boy´s, youth girl´s, and children´s lacrosse teams. It also fields competitive teams in Field Hockey, Tennis, American Football and other sports.

Germany fields national leagues in Men, Women, and Boy´s Youth divisions, and Hamburg won all three national championship titles in 2008. Germany hopes to field a Girl´s Youth division this upcoming year as well. There are nearly 35 men´s teams operating in Germany, and nearly 20 women´s teams. Hamburg fields 3 men´s teams, 2 women´s teams, and 3 youth teams with hopes of adding 3 more youth teams this fall.

All questions should be directed to Kyle Hawkins at or Amy Alvord at for the men or women positions respectively.

Please check the website, for some further information.
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Postby Hamburger on Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:19 am

I have had this question twice already, so I will add a post to answer to all other potential applicants:

Hamburg is Germany´s second largest city, and is in the far north of Germany, very near the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. It is the largest shipping port in Europe after Amsterdam, and is (much like Amsterdam and Venice) a city of canals, rivers and lakes. The weather is very similar to San Francisco or Portland or Seattle. Rainy in the Fall and Winter, beautiful in the summer. Although Hamburg is as far north as Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the proximity to the Ocean and the Ocean currents keep Hamburg between 30 degrees fahrenheit and 80 degrees fahrenheit all year, rarely if ever outside that scope. We rarely see snow or winter, and hot days are so rare that no buildings have air conditioning.

Check googlemaps for views on our location in Germay or for a better breakdown of our average monthly temperatures.

Please also note that the "€" symbol represents the Euro, the currency in most of the European Union. The Euro is currently trading at about € 1= $ 1.57
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