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tons of gear

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 8:27 pm
by tlaing1
Up for your viewing pleasure is a TON of extra gear.... I'm gonna get pictures up tonight or tommorow, but everything is in BN/LN or cared for. POST FIRST then PM me. So that I have the correct lineup for who's got first dibs. I do not ship first, but will ship the day after payment is recieved. All Prices are shipped prices! I accept paypal.
So here we go:

Complete Sticks
Mikey Powell Autographed Swerve Swizzle Combination! Shaft is #0028 and was the losest number I've seen. ( I used to manage a lax store ) Asking $225.

Guru Clear/Green Custom TRADITIONAL stringing (pink crosslace, black sidewalls, black and green shooters. $45

Proton (original) Unstrung. dyed green with Dollar signs, fairly faded color (used during camps) $40

Proton (original) black fairly soft, strung with fresh mesh (dookie) $25

AV8 Strung Trad dyed green with gold $ signs. $15

Vapor scoop scratches $25 shipped

Intrepid used during summer league on a long pole, strung hm $20

STX Quark- Orange (from factory) strong with Neon Orange Mesh $20

STX G-Force BN strung with Catapultion Mesh Never used, fresh mesh $45

STX Axe Red brand new $40

Protective Gear
STX Exo Rib Pads Used 3-5 times $25

Warrior Adreneline Rib Pads Used 3-5 times $15

pics here:

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2007 8:36 am
by tlaing1

I'm going to be more lenient with ya'll, this was a post from The Lacrosse Forums and they aren't quite the same age.